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Real Estate

An Arizona real estate lawyer you can trust:

Land has intrinsic value.  
You can always earn more money, and buy more things.   
 No  one is creating more land.

TEAM APPROACH: At the Sippel Law firm, we value a team approach with Realtors®, Accountants, Insurance Professionals, Financial Advisers and Title Companies.

 Utilizing our extensive knowledge about contracts, property rights, real estate issues, finance and business, litigation, and more important, litigation avoidance, we look to solving problems, resolving issues, and reaching the best possible result for your particular situation.    With 35 years of experience we stand by your side in all important real estate issues.  Some of the significant cases litigated over the years include:

  • Chain of Title resolution (without litigation) arising out of probate, inheritance, deeds out side of the chain of title, failure to identify marital status, search and location of heirs
  • Contract matters purchase and sale of properties, financing and leasing transactions, Easement access and scope of use litigation
  • Foreclosures Deed of Trust or Mortgage Foreclosures,  and pursuit of deficiency claims when property values have fallen
  • Landlord-tenant disputes & Evictions
  • Probate transfers and solutions when property cannot be sold but there are multiple heirs / beneficiaries, or when an Escrow needs to close and there are title issues
  • Title disputes or Transfers that require Court Filings, issues of transfers of property Quiet Title actions as may be required in Tittle Company Escrow Condition of Title Reports,  in partition, lien avoidance, deficiency claims
  • Tax lien redemption and foreclosure of the right of redemption.


When there is no other solution, or if you are the target of a lawsuit, , having an attorney with substantial knowledge about property laws and civil litigation by your side can lighten the burden.  Along with dynamic courtroom demeanor, we possess the specialized knowledge necessary to successfully litigate your real estate disputes.

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