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America is the land of opportunity!!

Anyone can start their own business, and small business is the back bone of what makes our country great. We all have an idea of what business and commercial law is, from the big companies down to the “mom and pop” shops and family farms. Along with accountants, lawyers are resources to assist you in every area of your operations.

We are a “small business” ourselves, and have our own experiences, and those of our clients to draw from to help you in your situation. Anyone can fill out a form on the web, or use the canned products available from government or paralegal web sites. The benefit in using an experienced lawyer is getting the guidance you need, tailored to your individual circumstance, with the resources to follow up, and support you when your business is up and running.

We can help you in

  • Choosing the form and structure of running your business, coordinating with your accountant / tax advisor.
  • We provide services for Corporation and LLC entity formation, as well as ongoing operations.
  • We can assist you in understanding your financing decisions, and the various risks, rewards, and protections that exist.
  • The purchase or sale of a business is a critical event that deserves attention to the documentation of contracts and buy -sell transactions, and review and strategic planning issues that face businesses.

Do you need a lawyer to form a business?

Of course not!   However, it is very important you chose the best form for your business structure, and understand the benefits and differences for your particular business. If you have a “partner”, it is always better to define the relationship, and plan for the “end game” or “break up” when you are still together and happy with one another. The next and extremely important step is to prepare and file the appropriate documents correctly. The goal of your business is to make money. Our goal is to help you avoid mistakes that may cost you far more than an initial investment for good advice, before a bad decision.

We help you consider the “End Game” of where the business will end up down the road of life. There are decisions made at the beginning stages that affect the operations, outcomes, and eventual end or termination of the business.  Obtaining good counsel early is like the proverbial “ounce of prevention”.

Can I do it myself? 

Of course you can!!   — and if you have studied long and hard, researched the various options, risks, and pitfalls, and have the experience to know what to do and what not to do, you may be able to take care of your legal issues without legal counsel. We are in the business of fixing, correcting, solving, and protecting our clients from the situations that tend to arise when people act on their own behalf without good counsel. The investment of money to avoid that problem is typically much smaller than the investment to fix the legal consequences of a “do it yourself” legal filing. There are many old adages such as: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We offer good, solid, legal advice focused on positioning you in the best legal situation with the minimum cost.

Here is a Sample Checklist we refer to in our business consultations.


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