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Bankruptcy    Claim Your Fresh Start!!

Bankruptcy is an extreme remedy.  You deserve options and choices, and we give you a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION**  to teach, review your unique case and give you honest and fair advice.   Please view the Slide Show in the Additional Materials page.  To qualify for our  Free Initial Consultation,  we expect you to do your part, do the homework and fill out our “Packet”. This gives us the best way we can evaluate your needs and give you the advice you deserve.

 We understand that Bankruptcy is not for everyone, and it is not always the best solution for you.   Imagine dropping a nuclear bomb on your debt. It goes away – but there is “fallout.”   Our job as to minimize the fall out, and maximize your FRESH START.

Providing solutions to overwhelming debt
Especially in this  economy, where jobs are unavailable or pay significantly less than previously, mounting debt can begin to feel unmanageable and overwhelming. At the Sippel Law Firm PLLC, we bring knowledge and skill acquired over 35 years to help you take control of your debt so you can take control of your life.

Skilled debt analysis
At the Sippel Law Firm PLLC, we truly listen to your needs and thoroughly analyze your case to determine if bankruptcy offers the most effective way to ease your financial burden. We review your debts, income and expenses, and we explain the ultimate impact bankruptcy would have on your family, business, home and future credit. We answer all your questions about the bankruptcy process and the outcomes you should expect. Our compassionate approach to bankruptcy leaves no surprises.

Protection by the Automatic Stay
Creditors’ aggressive collection methods unfairly compound the stress of escalating debt. You can put an end to the constant harassing phone calls and letters meant to intimidate you into paying debts you cannot afford. As soon as you file for bankruptcy, creditors must immediately stop collections efforts, including those distressing letters and phone calls. We then deal with your creditors so you can regain your peace of mind.

Real Estate Questions Answered
Homestead Protection?  Reaffirm or Surrender?  Reinstate, Short Sale, Deed in Lieu, or Walk Away?  Judgment Lien removal? Cramming down that second mortgage lien when your property is upside down with the First?   What is a “Strategic Foreclosure”?

Your bankruptcy options in Arizona

  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy

If you and your spouse own few assets and earn relatively low wages, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is available to provide relief from your debts through liquidation of your assets. Because many household and personal items are exempt from bankruptcy liquidation, you can make a fresh start with limited disruption to your life.

  • Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables you to prevent your lender from foreclosing on your home. If you and your spouse have substantial incomes, but sudden illness, job loss or another unexpected circumstance has interfered with your ability to pay your debts, Chapter 13 bankruptcy permits you to pay debts over time in smaller amounts.

At this time we are currently referring clients to pursue other attorneys regarding Chapter 13 bankruptcies.

OUR OFFICE PROCESS – a 14 Step Program to Claim Your Fresh Start

1. Beginnings:  The Packet & The Seminar

    • a. Fill our our Packet so we can understand you and how best to advise you


    b. You will learn what you need to know so what we tell you makes sense

2. The Free Initial Consult & The “Prescription”

    • a. Don’t Use or pay Credit Cards


    • b. Bank Account Float –


    • c. Set off:  Change Banks from creditor claims


    d. SPECIAL PERSONAL  DIRECTIONS Tailored to Your Needs and Case based on your Packet.

3. The Hiring, Set up and Creation of Files

    • a. We are retained when we have signed contract, and some monies


    b. Computer Files are set up, we advise creditors who call

4. The In Gathering:   Information, Documents, & Monies

    • a. Case is partially input, but wait for final completion when full paid


    b. You will work with our Staff, Paralegals

5. “Barefoot Bill Collectors”  Defense Strategies

6. Countdown to Filing: Fully paid, Banks Updates and Checklists for Final

7. The First Credit Counseling

8. The Lawyer Review:  Last Minute “Tweaks” and Signing

9. The Case Filing; Notice to Creditors
a. This is the date you get a case ##, and Protection from Creditors
b. Time lines are set up for meetings, creditor complaints

10. “Love Letter” by the Trustee; Questionnaire, Documents Last Updates

11. The 341 First Meeting of Creditors – “20 Questions”

12. The Fulfillment of Intentions:   Surrender, Redeem, Reaffirm

13. The Discharge Counseling

14. The Discharge and Closure of the Case!

** Please view the Slide Show in the Additional Materials page.  To qualify for our  Free Initial Consultation,  we expect you to do your part, do the homework and fill out our “Packet”. This gives us the best way we can evaluate your needs and give you the advice you deserve. 

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