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The process of filing a Bankruptcy involves gathering information about your assets, debts, income, and expenses.  We know that this is a lot of information to gather.  The magic one word to describe the process is “Disclosure”.   We have to scan and upload the information for the Trustee to read.   He wants the last 6 months backward from the filing date — and the bank statements and pay stub that follows the filing date.

The Bankruptcy Trustee will read your bank statements, read your debit card statements,  “checkbook ledger”, see your vehicle information,  and will review the receipts for all monies over $300.00 and especially monies spent in the last 90 days like tax returns, monies received from the sale of big items.  As an example if you sold a car, the Trustee wants to make sure you are not “hiding the money under your mattress.”  etc.  If you have cash transfers out of accounts, he wants to see receipts.  Help us protect you !! 

To give you good advice we believe that we should see what the Trustee wants to see BEFORE WE FILE!    We  have created forms and questions that give us insight into your life so we can give you our best.

 Below is the PDF file link of the entire bankruptcy packet we want to see at our Free Initial Consult.  Please download and save to your computer.  You should print the form and fill it out.  We can email it to you, and we have packets on our front door of the office.  

Completing this packet BEFORE to your appointment is a must.

We are reluctant to go forward without the information contained herein.